I’ve read many NPD posts with considerable interest but, near as I can tell, the posters are, or seem to be, predominantly female. Very few if any males. Why is that?

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Wait, let me check. Nothing on my fridge... Room that needs tidying dominated by big telly... work clothes in the floor... needs new sofa, but saving money for a game console... already crying because, caring for mother every weekend, can't follow Formula One...

Yep, I am male, alright.

From my frame of mind I listen to the situation and don't really focus on the female male issue. It seems generally there are a bit more mother situations and daughters being more involved but that's not to say there aren't men out there who care as much. I think it has to do with the personalities involved. Sometimes I have no idea as to the sex of the poster but become absorbed in their situation. I do know there is tremendous suffering on this site but also a great amount of advice and caring being offered.

Well I’m male - take care of my lovely delightful wife. I try to participate though lurking has helped occasionally. Anyway my question was supposed to be under NPD heading. No idea how to have gotten it there. 

My interest was primarily because I have a grand daughter whose personality was altered by a narcissist lover. She is slowly recovering. I think. As a grandparent I keep my nose out of it except for expressing sympathetic interest and concern to and perhaps being a vent absorber for her parents. Only when requested. So I study the subject. 

In the NPD sections that I have read here it was all female victims and predominantly, but not all, female narcissists. Even in other forums (other websites) I do not find male victims - just females victimized by male narcs. I haven’t read every forum on earth either for that matter but it can’t just be a one way street.

Just my opinion, but I believe in general women are more quick to reach out to social resources for support and also engage in the dialog. I do believe however the impacts of NPD are not gender specific and are felt equally by both men and women.

In my opinion it is because women tend to reach out more for help and men try to problems solve on their own, I imagine most of the men who do find the forum lurk here rather than participating. It is also a sad reality that women make up the vast majority of caregivers, even caring for mothers-in-law and the parents/grandparents of a friend or boyfriend (I seriously doubt you would find may men in that position)

Keep reading :) You'll soon come across them.

There are more women than men, true, but then there are more women than men in this caregivers' community period.

Do you have a particular reason for wondering about this?

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