I moved my Dad up to MN from Georgia two years ago to help care for him. He's in a one level town home, just three miles from my house. He is an alcoholic, though he would not admit it. He is living by himself, and is hardly eating anything anymore. He's forgetting to feed the dog too I believe. (tonight when I was there the dog had no water or food). My Dad is literally just sitting in his chair all day, and only getting up to use the bathroom or get a drink. I don't believe he starts drinking alcohol until maybe 5ish in the afternoon, but he usually has four drinks per night - one of his drinks is two shots of hard liquor then topped off with wine! My husband and I are doing all we can for him - but I don't know that he can stay living alone anymore. He's only 76 and dreads the thought of a nursing home. But can I sit by and let him literally drink himself to death. His weight isn't going down, probably because he getting so many alchoholic calories. He has copd, very bad circulation, amongst other ailments. He is out of breath just walking a few feet. We do have Meals on Wheels coming but he's hardly eating anything from them. He isn't driving anywhere except to the liquor store (tonight I told him he shouldn't drive anymore). What do we do? Any insight or help or ideas are greatly appreciated. We are new to this site.

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I know from experience AA a resource. Give a call to the local AA CENTRAL OFFICE in your area. They may have someone to go out give your father visit and just sit with him. Try it, once in the hands of their own it helps.

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