It could include spas, meditation, exercise, new friendships... Helping to get our lives back on track after caregiving. (It doesn't have to become a 'commercial' retreat, but rather a sincere, meaningful, healthy retreat for so many of us that face so much)

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Wonderful idea, Heart2Heart.

I tried getting away about 5 years ago that included such great things, but I couldn't relax for than a few minutes because I worrying about my parents who still lived in their single family home. If only they would have moved to that fantastic retirement village I had found for them, the worry wouldn't be so constant :(

Hi Kthin3... Well, I've thought about that, as I'm still caring for my mother in my home (by myself)... I thought those of us who can't manage to get away, could at least have this option if an 'opportunity' should arise for a get-away (respite retreat). It could also give us something to 'look' forward to and maybe have as a goal... Even later should our loved one pass on. Blessings!

This is a wonderful idea. I would be among the first to participate. The problem for me would be finding someone to stay with dad while I was away. No one wants to make the commitment, not my older sibling, not my husband, who is a 24/7 live-in caregiver with me and needs a break just as badly; and no true family around. A much-needed respite, however and thank you for suggesting it, Heart2Heart!

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