Aging parent revokes durable P.O.A after I've been there for him through many operations, rehab for a bad back, and my mother's death.

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Thanks for the support. My dad is 92 and will be 93 in Nov. I have been his DPOA since 2009 aND NOW REVOKED . He is currently living in Texas in a retirement community and friends help him. He does not drive. He was taking Hydrocordon this year for back pain (could be the problem mentally) and I think he has Alzheimer's.

Join the party..., my mom (86 now) did the same to me, after what she called me getting in to much of her business (scammers were ripping her off). I had a DPOA from 2007-2011, then she decided to just revoke it (w/out telling, she didn't know I found out but she never knew that I knew, nor did I tell her until we went to court), she turned on me, like I'm her enemy. It's all a part of her ailments ie..demensia (denial/skizo/paranoia) etc... I actually got her out of trouble before it got worse (scammers had her money laundrying their money in acct they told her to open, and moving it around, while she took all the chance). I took her to cops w/scammers still blowing her cell up, cops said it was a through away...and even though I did what cops said, change her home/cell numbers etc..they also told me she knew their number and would contact them again; and sure enough she did. I have been there through thick and then with and for mom, but w/the ailments etc..of aging, she's paranoid and listens to others not family. This year I filed in court for incompentency, guardianship of my mom; and once that was granted by the court, I filed for rep payee of her social security, and that was approved. I'm not sure of your parents age, or medical cognitiveness but if somethings going on there ie..demensia, alztimers etc....I advise you to do the same ie ...take it to the court. If your parent is competent you can't do anything but let it ride as I had to do for 2yrs... Prior to going for guardianship, I complained as to what she was doing to her docs, dept of social service, and a elder lawyer...all stated until she's deemed incapable I can't do anything. Since filing and getting guardianship of my mom, she's been doing everything she can to make things as difficult as she can for So even though you might win the case it really don't make you a winner; but at least I know where my mom is...becausse now she can't drive either (revoked).