I get notices of various medical articles from the Environmental Health Perspective, some of which are very focused on specific subjects, but others of which address issues of concern to many. This article is in the latter category:

Environmental Factors in Successful Aging: The Potential Impact of Air Pollution

Some selected observations:

"...mounting evidence indicates that environmental exposures may play a part in such declines" (referring to health declines in the aging population)."

"’s fastest-growing demographic group [the aged] may be insufficiently protected from environmental exposures that younger adults more readily tolerate."

"A growing body of evidence suggests that certain air pollutants may cause or accelerate age-related diseases. Exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5PM2.5) has been implicated in the incidence of dementia..."

(I need to spend some time figuring what this "fine particulate matter" is. I hope I don't have a lot of it in my house!

"...dementia rates are falling among educated, wealthier people in the developed world—who have benefited from healthier environments and health-promoting resources over their lives..."

This is and isn't surprising, not just b/c of the more extensive access to health care beyond what Medicare pays for, but b/c it may infer that prevention and treatment methods available to the wealthy haven't yet (or may not be) available to all. Hence, one query: from this observation: "are less wealthy people more subject to dementia? (simple approach, but a basic start.)

"Scientists have also linked frailty—as defined by the frailty phenotype—with exposures to lead, with the most pronounced features seen in women with osteoporosis. Lead accumulates in the skeleton and then reenters the blood stream when bones demineralize. "

This is an interesting article and well worth the time required to read and absorb it.

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And those parts of the world (usually impoverished by our standards of monetary wealth) which do not have highly processed foods in their diets have no metabolic stroke, no dementia, no heart failure...etc

Take all the sugars out of your diet.

yes, once insulin causes inflammation... the blood/brain barrier is compromised allowing pollutants to enter.

dementia and Alzheimer’s is being called “type 3 diabetes”.

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