I have been with this agency for 6 months. The Agency is not licensed for medical care, just companion dementia etc. BUT many of the clients I see are medical, I have flushed feeding tubes, done catheter care, bed sores etc. One client with Parkinson's is 200 pounds and can't use his legs, I am 120 pounds and 5 foot 2, I have to lift him into his wheelchair, the shower (is not a wheel in shower) to the toilet (tiny bathroom, 2 people and the chair do not fit!) i am very uncomfortable lifting this man, I am trained in transfers but this is dangerous. I have brought this up to the agency owner and he cuts me off every time. He does not care, every time I try to ask if the family can get the man a hoyer lift or some other equipment, it goes unnoticed and unaddressed. One of the other caregivers has never been trained at all, she says she lowers the man to the floor, slides him over to the ballet bars on the wall (he had them installed when he still was walking a few years ago) and puts his hands on the bars and gets him up that way and into his chair. Clearly unprofessional but it's not her fault! All this for little more than 8 bucks an hour? Should I report this? I am at a loss and looking for another job but I am very frustrated at the fact the agency owner ignores his caregivers. what do you all think?

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Unless this Agency is the only one in Town, would you consider resigning and going with a new Agency? Check out the other Agencies first to see what they offer.

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