Meaning you will be paying a daily rate until Medicaid ten thousand before any government assistance started in two months due to a senior
having ten thousand in his account. Plus a Medicaid application was never done before as senior thought they would never enter a NH. Would
a supplement have paid a daily rate??? If you are going on Medicaid the likelihood of having a supplement is low...yes..and you must have a good supplement not a 35 dollar one apparently...

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When u go from hospital to rehab Medicare pays the first 20 days, 100%. From 21 to 100 days they pay 50%. After 100 days its private pay. My Mom had United Health as her secondary. Mom paid $150 a day for any days after the 20.

If you need Medicaid, all your assets have to be used for your care first. Its called spend down. You will be allowed only 2k in your acct. All bonds, stocks, shares and insurance policies have to be liquidated and used for your care.

If the senior is not married use the money in his account to pay what can be paid. An elder care attorney told us that Medicaid will back pay a nursing home for three months if the senior is eligible for Medicaid. But double check that, we did have to “fire” that attorney. The supplemental policy that my mom & mother in law have is $249 a month.

If I remember correctly, Medicare provides a lifetime benefit of 190 days of hospital or skilled nursing care. There's a deductable for the first 60 days and then a daily copay rate beginning at day 61. Some Medicare supplement policies provide additional days. My parents' plan F policies provide 265 additional days and covers most Medicare copays, but they are expensive with monthly premiums over $300 now that they are both in their late 80s.

Medicaid doesn't have a limit providing there is a need but the senior can have no more than $2000 in cash available when approved, so you need to "spend down" monies beyond that before Medicaid coverage will begin.

It is a difficult mess to sort through, particularly after our LO is ill. Hopefully a hospital social worker is being helpful.

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