I was hoping this wouldn't be for a few more years, but I think grandma is poop incontinent. I was hoping it was just a short term diarrhea and that she couldn't get to her commode in time. Now after changing her 6th diaper in 3 days, I think it's over. It's not pee, just poop. Is there any hope?

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Oh, I had the baptism by fire as well. Once after coming home from the hospital, they told me to give her miralax everyday. That turned it into a pretty much constant leak. I stopped the miralax pretty quickly.

It's settled down. Whew..... Back to the normal pattern. Some seepage but no big deal. Back to a bowel movement roughly twice a week. She's pretty much on a no residue diet so that's acceptable.

Grandma used to fight new diapers being put back on. For the longest time she would take off the old one but fight having a new one put on. She gotten way better about it. I've gotten to the point that a soiled diaper really doesn't phase me much. I used to be absolutely disgusted by it. Now I'll even check out what's going on to make sure there's nothing bad. Slap on a new one, wash my hands and get back to my chocolate ice cream.

I don't know if this is any consolation, and I realise it isn't hope as such, but I personally found that I got okay with soiled diapers quite quickly. Bit of a baptism of fire, in fact, because the rehab team sent mother home having failed to cancel a short-term lactulose px, so you can just imagine. Nothing like jumping in at the deep end if you're going to take a job on!

But how does your grandmother feel about it? - is she upset?

"I was hoping this wouldn't be for a few more years"

Given your grandmother's age that made me smile.

What were grandmother's bowel habits like when she was still continent, did she go so often? If the timing and consistency is the real problem then there may be hope, 3 days isn't very long to have to battle short term diarrhea, although I'm sure it seems like years. Are you sure it isn't a virus? Have you changed anything about her diet or medications?
There are several strategies which may help with loose stools - start with a probiotic, maybe add in a fiber supplement like Metamucil, be alert for food triggers like dairy, and as a last resort try Imodium.

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