Hi Dinzel from Australia here. I am still
on here and big thanks for all your advice as I am in Australian bush and have no-one. The lady who
asked me what I really wanted from my parents-I answer you. Because they only told me I was adopted at age 63 ,I have always viewed them as my parents. I have no other family. I guess I just wanted their love and kindness. The money being denied me is just another hurt. My mother has always disliked me-sometimes she made some horrible and untrue comments about my Dad and I -sexual ones. I was a pretty girl but he was my Dad and I loved him like his daughter and did not know of my adoption. There are some gaps in my story because they refuse to allow me to visit them now and I think are worried I will contest their Will. Thank you so

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I’m sorry for the pain you’ve experienced from your parents. It was cruel of them to hide the facts of your birth and to treat you poorly. Sounds like your mother has been jealous of you. It’s beyond sad that you didn’t receive love and kindness. The best indicator of what’s to come is often what has already happened, your parents have shown you who they are and how they’ll treat you. Please don’t sign up for more, they aren’t changing except to possibly get worse. Build your life around people who bring positive things to it. Spend your time on enjoyable, fulfilling activities. You’ll be happier and feel love from others. I hope you won’t continue to go to the well, there’s no water there

I'm not sure of how the Will issue works in Australia, but contesting a Will in the U.S. happens only when the writer of the Will passes away. In your case it sounds like both parents will first need to pass (assuming they have included each other in their own individual Wills). After they pass they can't control who contests their Will. You would be able to contest each Will after each one passes. Each person has their own Will, it is not done jointly.

Are you maybe referring to PoA? Again, each person needs their own PoA individually. Is your brother PoA for each of your parents? In the U.S. if you suspect fraud or abuse by a PoA you can pursue the matter in court but you will need to provide evidence for an attorney to consider if your case is strong enough. Again, it would need to be for each individual (your mom and dad, separately).

If your parents are each still mentally competent, then you can't really do anything until that point, which is when your brother's PoA authority (again, for each individual parent) would become active.

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