im sure its been discussed to death...It's been 5 weeks since my father went. not really that much time.. my heart still breaks and my ambition is zero. I have been a very creative person before this, and I just do not have it. I do not care. please tell me this is going away. I don't even care if I do anything on some days. I have faith it will be alright.Thank you for being here in my roughest moments, ive been on here many many times when I didn't say anything just read, and read knowing I wasn't alone.

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I am sorry for your loss. Give yourself time. You were a loving and caring daughter, just rest in the comfort of knowing you did the best you could for your Dad. Now it is time to take care of yourself and remember the happy times.

I like the idea of getting 2 small things done a day. The repetition of daily "chores" is relaxing to the soul. Losing a parent is tough work so don't set any unrealistic goals right now. Time has a way of healing even grief. God bless!

This is going away.

You will never forget your father. But the ache and the intense missing him will gradually lessen. You will go back to being a creative person. You will care again. Your ambition will come back.

You MUST give yourself time. My husband died not quite two years ago. I don't think I am quite back to "normal" (the old me), but it is getting easier. I think I was pretty not-very-functional for at least six months. Five weeks is way too early to worry that you won't get through this intact. You will! Probably soon you will have moments of thinking "Dad would not like to see me like this. I think I can get up and get two things done today. He'd like that."

You'll adjust. Really, you will.

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