Have been off the grid for awhile, dealing with a separation and my continued caregiving duties. I'm caring for my aunt who is in her nineties and rapidly losing her vision. Our occupational therapist recommended some adaptive dinnerware from Amazon, but after checking out the selection and prices I looked at Wal-Mart and hit the mother lode. I wanted to pass this info on for anyone on a budget. Re-play makes divided plates, bowls, and cups that are easy to handle and only about four dollars for three pieces. Take-and-Toss makes covered drinking cups with either straw or sippy tops and Munchkins brand non-spill cups, plates, and bowls are great, too. I found all these items, along with a divided and scoop-sided suction bowl for five dollars and change, by searching "children's dinnerware". Also found a mug by Copco that is lightweight with a removable spouted top and bottom weight for six dollars. If you can't get out to shop, Wal-Mart is really a terrific source for all of your caregivers needs, and they ship free at $50 or more. It's been a Godsend for this carless, stranded caregiver. Just wanted to share :)

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A lot of the adaptive dinnerware is priced ridiculously high and is in many ways comparable to cheap, readily available alternatives. I have found that I can put a straw down the spout of our old tupperware sippy cups and it has reduced the worry of having spills. Traveller's coffee mugs are great too, they keep beverages hot or cold longer and are also spill resistant, you can use a straw with them too.

As an aside, one thing that really annoys me is that many items that seem to be readily available in the USA, even off the shelf and not on line, are almost impossible to find in Canada. As an example, I had to order a gait belt from amazon, and by the time I paid exchange and shipping the price was doubled. You all should check out the prices on amazon ca, I seriously don't know how they stay in business.

Elizabeth, thanks for all the great ideas :)

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