Need suggestions for activities my mother can do by herself besides tv. She has Parkinsons and her hands shake alot. She is bored alot when we are doing other activities we have to do and she can not do

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Rene: My mother has Parkinson's and her hands shake as well...especially the right hand. I bought her several large piece puzzles and she is able to pick up the pieces with a little effort. She enjoys picking out the puzzles (from a website) and seeing the pictures as they develop. She is very proud when she finishes one. I also think that this is good for her mental/phsysical well-being.
I also bought some large format canvasses that had pictures outlined on them already. I bought some large brushes and she is able to paint...a little shaky...but it makes the paintings interesting.
She really resisited going out at first, but now enjoys going to lunch and doing some limited shopping. I think it is so important that she travel outside of her home at least once a week.
She enjoys my pet cat and is always happy to see her. She also likes to cook and can still do many things.
She really takes on challenges...I hope I have those genes!

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