I am a hired caregiver for an elderly couple. He is 90, and has prostate cancer, suffered a stroke recently, and has problems with acid reflux and constipation. I am not fond of the Sickness System's favorite treatment plan which I feel is "A Pill For Every Ill". He takes an acid pump inhibitor in the morning. This was prescribed to take the place of his original reflux med because THAT one intereferes with Plavix, which he is on due to the stroke. Well he wants to take them both. And take them both he often does. He also eats antacid tablets all the time. His doctor poo-poo'd my question about digestive enzymes.
This man is failing fast, and it seems there is nothing I can do. This morning as he was vomiting into the garbage can, I said "I want to call your doctor". His response - "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" as he was retching.

Where's my question? Not sure. Maybe I'm just venting.


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Thanks to you both! I looked at ginger chews and wondered about those. I have given him baking soda water to sip, which seems to help. Still - all this medicine.

I, too, am not a fan of western medicine's philosophy of waiting until you are ill then using meds or surgery for the "cure." I had a great naturopath whose philopsophy was preventative and she helped me stay well.
I started getting acid reflux when I became my Mom's caregiver. I found that a ginger candy called "ginger chews" helped tremendously. It is a candy, so you can take it as often as you like...I carry a bag of them in my purse. That coupled with swallowing your own saliva inhibits the build up of acid. My Mom uses them too for all kinds of stomach upsets. You can also steep the ginger chews in water for a "tea."
Contrary to popular belief, peppermint is not good for acid reflux (although it is good for other stomach ailments)
Other things that might help are elevating his bed and/or pillow to let gravity keep the acid from coming up. Not drinking or eating too close to bedtime. Chewing your food very well and not drinking too much water with your food because it dilutes the stomach acids that break down food (a "catch-22")
Also, taking short, shallow breaths at bedtime works for me. It seems to calm my stomach and keep the acid from coming up in my throat.
Acid reflux is scary...I acutally aspirated acid into my lungs once. That's when I decided to forget all the OTC and Rx remedies and look "outside the box." If you have a naturopath or naturopathic pharmacy in your area drop by and ask their advice. They have beens so helpful to me.

If he was retching after taking an acid pump inhibitor and antacids, maybe his cancer is more advanced than in just his prostate?????? I had a friend who tried every acid pump inhibitor there was and none helped. She had cancer of the pancreas.

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