My wife's abusive sister has their parents captive in their own home. She has obtained poa and a will but won't share with my wife. My wife cant even get medical info from the hospital when she goes to visit. Without ranting the whole story I'll bottom line it for discussion. We believe that the parents are being abused and starved. What can we do? Hire a lawyer? Investigator? Social worker? They have Alzheimer's but may have signed the house over to the sister...Best case would be to get the sister and her family out and get in home professional care for the two parents....are we too late?

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Siblings can be the greatest thing since sliced bread or a royal pain in the arse. You said your wife's sister was abusive and if she already HAS a record for abuse then she shouldn't be 'caring' at all.

If she is isolating them - then that too is abuse. If she is starving them then there will be signs of malnutrition that I would hope ANY doctor could recognise. Your wife's sister cannot share a POA. The POA in this case has been allocated by the parents and only they can change it UNLESS there is a successful challenge on the integrity and validity of the POA. IF for example the POA was made under duress or your parents did not satisfy the lawyer that drew it up that they had sufficient cognisance to do so then there is a challenge route - The lawyer won't like that one bit but you do have a right to challenge on the grounds of cognitive capacity (not sure what you call that in the state)

HOWEVER. If you challenge under that you may find that your parents are made wards of court and the courts will make all the decisions and allocate a POA which may or may not be you. If they have alzheimers then the date of diagnosis and the dates of transfer will be critical in this. Not much help but good luck

Oh and if you really think she is starving them rather than them refusing to eat then you should contact APS. If she is not accessing assistance because they are refusing help then again APS.

Based on your belief that your inlaws are being abused (I assume physically) and starved, I'd call APS (Adult Protective Services) for your county. It's within their jurisdiction to investigate that. It wouldn't hurt to make a police report as well, but the police will want to know on what basis you believe the couple is being starved.

One thing you could do is provide a list of any doctors you know who might be treating the couple, as well as the dates of hospitalization so the police can check the hospital records. However, I believe hospitals are mandated reporters so if starvation was observed and suspected, most likely one of the hospital personnel would have made a report to the police. But it's worth checking out.

If you believe title to the house has been transferred, check at the local Register of Deeds or other county department that records real estate transfers. They can either advise you how to use their computers for a real property check or do it themselves. Of course, it is possible that any deed was never recorded.

You might also check with the city/township treasurer to ask whose name is on their property tax records, and who pays the taxes. There's no guarantee that their records would reflect any transfer as the sister may not have recorded the deed.

POA's cannot rewrite a Will or use "undue influence" to their own profit. Doing so is a crime. Call the police department or the district attorney and file a formal complaint for investigation.

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