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*snort* too cute


(What a pain in the a** my mother can be sometimes)

Sorry - Goofed again, the note said : Note: We have 250 other definitions for APS in our Acronym Attic .

yaya51... thank you ...very much Thought I was the only one who had this problem,,, and I know I am not stupid.... I have seen the abbreviation protocol in action in other correspondence .. I hope it catches on here too .
Especially since I just had to look up what OPM means and found this site :
acronymfinder , which had 30 Abbreviations for OPM, and on the bottom stated " Note: We have 208 other definitions for APG in our Acronym Attic "........ there's another good reason to at least once write out the full name... which I overlooked in the case of the Question I read with APS in it, and then lost in my Taskbar-jungle... the full name was stated in the TITLE... when I found it again after writing my "mad" note.... hahaha...Have a good day .

APS - Adult Protective Services
And I understand your frustration. When I first signed on here it took me a while to figure a few of them out too! If you've got more list them here and I'll try to interpret as well as I can. If I can't I'm sure someone else will. Not sure if your appeal for an abbreviation courtesy protocol will work, but kudos for trying!

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