I was listening to a radio program on dreams last night. I have always had vivid dreams so I was interested in hearing what she had to say. She has studied dreams for many years.

She is not a psychic or a dream interpreter. She uses the methods from psychological studies. It was a fascinating program.

She mentioned a woman who had been caring for her very sick mother.

The daughter had a dream about going to the dentist to have one single tooth removed. A mishap occurs and all of her teeth fall out. The daughter became annoyed by this dream and went to see the dream analyst.

The daughter had a lot of stress and anxiety whenever she was asked about her mother. It was painful for her to respond to other’s questions about her mom. So she tried desperately to give just one tidbit of information to those inquiring about her mom’s health so she would not have to go into great detail about her mom dying.

The people were never satisfied with so little information and kept probing and prying for more information and she inevitably would end up telling them the whole agonizing story that made her feel awful.

The dream analyst told her that she had to examine the feelings that she felt during her dream. She explained that dreams are a representation of things and are not always literal. She also explained that the subconscious mind does not lie and dreams are our mind’s way of continuing to solve problems as we sleep. So therefore we should pay attention to our dreams. They are messages from our subconscious mind.

The one tooth was the little tidbit of information and when she began to speak and others kept probing for more information then everything else spilled out of her mouth. Hence, she kept dreaming that all of her teeth were falling out. The dream was not literal and meant that she was going to lose all of her teeth.

The analyst told her to avoid others that kept upsetting her by prying and causing her to be upset by reliving her pain over watching her mom die.

So she stopped communicating with those people and the reoccurring dreams of her teeth falling out stopped. Fascinating!

I have been through that myself. I have felt worse after people constantly questioned me about my mom. It’s complicated. Isn’t it? Each of us process our emotions individually and sometimes we have to examine what is destructive in our lives. People start to only ask about the people that caregivers care for and even though they are well meaning in most cases, they don’t realize that we aren’t always up for speaking about it. Plus others forget about us not just needing a break but forget about the caregiver in general.

The analyst based her studies from Sigmund Freud and other psychiatrists in history.

Any thoughts on this? Has anyone else had weird dreams that are puzzling to them. I surely have.

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Oh so true! A lot of his studies have been debunked. Not all of them but I agree that he had his own issues.

Colossal historical figure though he was, the Father of Psychoanalysis, let's not forget that Freud was as high as a kite on cocaine much of the time.

Perfectly legal in those days, nobody would have thought anything of it, only I've always felt it helps explain some of his nuttier conclusions.

Yeah, while it’s fascinating to think about, I think it is hard to pinpoint what our dreams mean. Some things may be more clear cut but certainly not everything.

Some situations are over analyzed too. Other times people can go into denial about a situation.

I think different people view dreams differently. Some people think they tell the future. Anything is a possibility but I don’t feel they have specific psychic meanings.

Dreams are just a reflection of your state of mind. Not repeating the dream doesn't mean anything since it wasn't a recurring dream or theme. It could just as easily mean that she lives in fear of an avalanche of health problems.

Oh my gosh, I have crazy dreams at times that cause me restlessness too.

Yeah, yours are obviously related to organization.

I love my coffee. I stopped caffeine during pregnancy and breastfeeding my daughter. Once I had a dream that I was nursing my baby and instead of milk coming out, it was cafe’ au lait. Hahaha, I guess I really missed my coffee!

I can have dreams that create stress in the night. They usually awaken me. I did have 2 last night. Often when I do have them I am awakened with a migraine. This happened twice last night. I had to take my migraine medication twice in different forms. They had to do with organization and numerical tabulations. At this point those don't seem to be a problem for me. Our house will soon become disorganized but I am actually welcoming that as it means two of my grandchildren will be here. For many years I worked in retail and had to be clear on making the accurate charges. Perhaps it had to do with my husband complaining last night about balancing my mother's checkbook. He can't stand it if a check has not been cashed for some time and he can't be sure that it is exactly up to date. I have mentioned he is very anal but I am grateful for his care with financial dealings. I did tell him to please not complain so much to me about my mother. Things could be so much worse. I think that had something to do with my dreams. It is just more of a concern because the headaches that are brought on are brutal. I could easily have dreams about my teeth falling out but haven't. Anyway I certainly don't have to worry about oversleeping since we have alot of food shopping to do today before family begin to arrive.


Yeah, she did speak about symbolism in dreams and some of Freud’s beliefs. She did not agree with all of his theories. Some were crazy. Freud had some interesting views!

But she did say that all of the psychiatrists agreed on dreams being our subconscious minds trying to resolve our issues in life as we are sleeping.

I agree with what you are saying. Some interpretations of dreams have been bizarre which is why she doesn’t recommend going out to buy a dream dictionary and going by symbolisms. She feels dreams speak to us personally as an individual, like you said, representative of something that we are dealing with at that time in our lives.

She also spoke about lucid dreams. That’s another fascinating topic.

She also mentioned that not all of us remember our dreams but that we still dream.

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