My wife sister premeditated a horrible plan against her I'll brother and her husband and her got away with murder stealing a very large amount of cash he was awarded in a accident settlement against the movie industry and almost a year has passed and even though the police department in LA have her on record admitting having the money and taking the money from his apartment place then a week later verifying that no ambulance was called called from his address before we arrived from Oregon as.we were told by my wife's sister as we drove there confirming that her husband physically beat him that there was no"fall" and the next day we had to call 911 because he was not waking up and unaware of any wrong doing allowed her sister to come over to his place and steal his money and without any power of attorney fraudulent check cashing putting him in a hospice and my wife wasn't even allowed to visit him back in Klamath falls Oregon were me and my wife live as well  we took her to small claims court to get her share of the money andshe lied in court saying that there was "no money" I don't know how or who to report this to and I hope maybe you can at least give me some advice her brother had liver disease doing dialysis 3 Times a week for over 30 year's and he didn't have much time left but they killed him him and betrayed his legacy and not a thing has been done

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Totally agree with MidKid and Bridger.   I can't follow the train of thought at all.   This might help you restructure your query, with the help of Admins as you can't amend your post now..

1.   Just state the issues, singularly.  Example:  your brother-in-law has a settlement due to an accident.  You believe your wife's sister has somehow confiscated the funds.

2.   Based on information and belief, you also believe that an accident occurred.   Some injuries were apparently sustained.   Witnesses and/or those around your BIL apparently didn't call an ambulance.   You believe complications may be involved b/c of the delay in getting medical help.

It's best to just state the facts, not your suspicions and/or conclusions, as those are subject to proofs and verification.

Wow--not to be rude but that was one heckuva run on sentence.

Can you rethink what you want to say and break it down into sentences and paragraphs?

Your post makes no sense whatsoever--so if you want some advice, please try to re-post with the salient points.

1) do you have proof his death was a homicide?
2) do you have proof that his money was stolen?

If his death and her handling of his money were investigated but she hasn't been arrested, then maybe there just isn't enough proof like you claim, or you are misinterpreting the events and facts. If you wish to pursue this further you may need to hire your own investigator and lawyer, but you will need to have proof to back up your claims. I think consulting with a criminal law attorney will guide you as to whether your case is strong enough and if not what more evidence needs to be found.

Did your brother leave a will? Do you mean you were pursuing this through probate? I don't understand how this would wind up in small claims court... this means you were seeking $10K or less. This can easily be eaten up by private investigators and lawyers. I'm so sorry for your brother's death.

This is difficult to follow, Ask the Ad
mins to edit for sentences and paragraphs.

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