In my aunts worse 21 diagnoses, 28 meds and failed Psych evals went into rehab, changed her trust her over a mill. Forensic handwriting experts 3 all say it's not her writing but no one will get us the original are Lawyers suck they did nothing, no investigations , discoveries and even ignored our emails and calls, well they got over 70,000.00 and the so called friend I feel got way with a crime we need help, we requested our file and there's nothing it, did we get took. There's so much more to this it would make you sick, this woman and her husband own an investment company I think I'd be a little Leary of investing with them

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Your state attorney general will be happy to investigate this, providing you can explain things with dates and events in good clarity.

Sorry, Cknutson, but your post is very confusing. Your Aunt changed her trust over a mill??? Who has 21 diagnosis and who went into rehab, your Aunt or her friend? What is not her writing? Who drew up the Will or Trust? Who got over $70k? What crime did your Aunt's friend commit? Who is this woman and her husband, how do they fit into the picture? Please fill in the missing pieces so we can help you :)

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