If you or your loved one have started experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, please make sure you eliminate metal toxicity as a cause. I recently learned from the documentary The Bleeding Edge (Netflix) that Dr. Stephen Tower, an orthopedic surgeon suffered memory loss, and dementia-like symptoms after his own hip replacement surgery. He discovered that the metal levels in his blood, leached from his new hip implant, were causing these neurological symptoms. After revision surgery, his metal levels dropped and his symptoms disappeared.

Since then Dr. Tower has done his own studies on the potential for neurological problems associated with increased cobalt levels caused by metal artificial hips.

If you develop symptoms after implanting a medical device (apparently many are allowed into the market without adequate testing… the horror!) such as an artificial hip, please look into whether there are any toxic levels (for example metal) in your blood to eliminate this as a possible cause.

Hope this is helpful! And have a lovely day.

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I have worked with med-tech clients and I have read about cobalt allergy causing unresolvable pain requiring replacement with a non-cobalt joint. I can't address the "metal levels" in the blood and all one needs to do is ask the surgeon whether their part was cobalt or not. I've not read anywhere that other metals are causing problems nor that it causes dementia-like symptoms but maybe you can site the sources here so we can read them ourselves?

When people had the revision surgery, what type of device was used as the replacement?

My old college roommate was convinced her metal tooth fillings were the cause of her "brain fog" and other neuro issues so she had them all replaced. Nope, not the cause. More likely from the 2 back-to-back car accidents she had and the concussions she suffered in the era before concussion protocol.

My point being that many things can cause transitory dementia symptoms so it may have nothing to do with the cobalt. If it did, there'd be FDA recalls and warnings if there were a scientifically and clinically PROVABLE connection.

"...apparently many [devices] are allowed into the market without adequate testing..." Nope, also not true. I've spent many years processing and prepping the clinical reports for FDA approval done by med-tech companies.

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