How We Are Holding Up

My daddy forgot my name today
It seems so strange to say
This day became eventual
As daddy fades away

Letters on white paper
Not etched into his mind
Just a word, just a word
A word he could not find

Repeating my name
Five, Ten times... gone
Trying to grasp and keep it
Asking, "What went wrong?"

Gone... but forgotten
Blurry time and space
What's in a name, Dad?
See the smile on my face?

We put our trust in God
One hour at a time
We cling onto Dad's spirit
As time erases his mind

Our love knows his heart
A heart that's strong and true
We remember his strength
And the things he used to do

We treasure every moment
We treasure every smile
From dawn to time for bed
Facing each and every trial

Outside a storm is brewing
The world is in a hurry
Unkind words and heartbreak
Stress and work and worry

In the arms of God,
Where we are living still,
Peace returns, enters joy
Blessings are so REAL!

My Daddy forgot my name today
And, that's OK with me
Believing in what God has planned
Is all we will ever need

-Debi Huizar

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Love this. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

Absolutely beautiful! Do not stop writing and sharing with us; all of us caregivers need beautiful words amid our chaotic caregiving journey and the self help while helping others is a wonderful ten fold for all! Thank you.

Just beautiful

Lovely sentiments. Thanks for sharing. Many will relate.

Just read your profile. It sounds like your heart is in two places. I’m sure that you miss your family and your home.

Best wishes to you as you travel this challenging journey.

Take care.

Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing.

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