My mother is wheelchair bound and has been in NH since March. For our family holiday get together this year we reserved a NH community room for Sunday (Jan 4). The tree and decorations were still up in that room. There were plenty of tables and chairs. We could easily spread out in the large room, without feeling crowded.

Us 4 daughters brought holiday table clothes, a fun punch bowl, and plenty of sweet and savory snacks.

Six of Mom's 7 children were able to come, several grandchildren, and even some great-grandchildren. Everyone was able to talk to Mom for a few minutes and then mingle with cousins, etc.

We scheduled this for 2 to 4, a time when Mother is used to doing activities and not too long to tire her. It seemed about right when it was all over. (It was also a good limit for the youngest guests, who enjoyed coloring books together.)

Instead of exchanging gifts or loading Mother with things she has no need of or room for, we filled a large box of items to donate for Bingo prizes. It included decks of cards, darling coin purses, warm colorful socks, calendars, on up to hand-made fleece lap blankets. We've noticed that the residents all seem to love getting prizes, and Mother has gotten some very nice ones over the months. It was good to contribute to that. The Community Life person who worked that day was very happy to get the big box.

When it becomes problematic to bring a parent "home" for the holidays, consider bringing the family party to where the parent is. This worked out great for our family!

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jeannegibbs, what a wonderful sounding party, so glad it worked well for everyone. And what a great idea about donating gift items to use for Bingo :)

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