I asked the question about a gizmo to keep from pulling out a peg tube. the girl is my daughter . she is now in a nursing home as a result of a car accident. the doctors tell me she has 'shaking baby' syndrome.
she is smart as we are. remember that ok. so how do you keep her from pulling the feed tube apart. the mitts are not allowed. they are classified as cruelty. the Velcro is probably the same thing. I invented a metal clip I made at home it worked fine; but because it wasn't registered and tested etc by the government the nursing home would not allow it. we are at a total loss. thank you

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If she is as smart as you she understands and wants it out. If was me or my daughter, she would want it out. My daughter has AML, is age 32.

pamstegman: she doesn't understand. she has a tbi. shaking baby syndrome. one part of her brain tells her there is something wrong with her. the other half tells her she is fine. as far as using mitts or Velcro etc. they call that inhumane.
and they will not use these procedures. I was really hoping there was some sort of a clip which could be put on the connection on the tubing. thanks for your input.

Have you asked her if she wants the PEG tube? She has the right to decide. If she wants it out, and she is smart enough to know the consequences, take it out and respect her wishes. Leave the rest to God.

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