Trusting your mom's caregiver.

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My father died about a year ago. We had great caregivers for him that became like family. When my mom started needing help after his passing, we asked one of them to return. She gladly did (she had become very attached to our family and was having trouble committing to another family). All has been wonderful...until tonite. We have a liquor cabinet for guests (I live with mom and neither of us drink.) It is fully stocked. I went to get a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine and realized that every bottle in the cabinet was empty. I'm talking about big bottles of CC, bourbon, vodka, rum, etc. I can't remember the last time we had guests except for my dad's funeral. She has never seemed drunk here at the houjse and while I know she drinks (she is staying in my old place) she had my complete trust. I don't know how to handle this. I know I need to confront her. Mom knows as well ( I was just stunned stupid when I realized). Do I fire her and evict her from my place? Do I give her another chance if she owns up to it? She is like family and I am at such a loss. Can anyone give me advise? Our arrangement is and always has been very casual.


When the trust is gone- really, what do you have left?
Over what period of time was all this drunk?

If she is having a glass once or twice a week...this is not an issue. Just wish she had asked if it was ok. If she is drink it a bottle a week...then this is a bigger problem.

Yes, talk to her abou it. But, do not assume she is getting drunk.

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