My mother uses a walker and has trouble making it to the bathroom on time.

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My mother uses a walker and has trouble making it to the bathroom on time. This almost always results in a mess. What can I do?


Dear karen. there some diapers that are called pull up for adults. They may help out if mom can not make to the bathroom on time. My mom had the same problem when she was still at home in her house in New York but she had a cane, She did not take her medicine like she was suppose to in the evening. One of the pills was a water pill. So she would be able at times to make to bathroom in time. After a while it was getting bad. Don't fell bad, when a person reaches a certain age sometime they can not control or have time enough to get to the bathroom. patrica61
You can also get her a commode for her room.
Get her some pull-ups. Also take her to the bathroom on a time schedule or 10 minuets after eating.
Keep Depends or store-brand paper panties on her all the time...daytime and heavier ones at night. Lots of people wear these, no question about it. It's safe, dry and it's the way to go.
I'm not so sure my mom would be open to the idea of depends or diapers, she still sees herself as independent. I like the idea of a bathroom schedule, that might work...thanks everyone for your advice!!!
dear karen. i have a other idea that may work for for, i you are worry about the bed at night and your mom won't wear the diaper's maybe beforer you put her to bed at night you can try a large shower curtain under her sheet while she sleeps. I had to do it for my mom, because the urine was so bad. It also depends on the medicine she is on, she may be on a water pill that makes go to the bathroom. accidents will happen from time to time however it is hard and does not get easier. When they start to loose control the pull ups are your only answer. Also make sure she is not getting any sores from the soiled panties. Hope you can use this little info.patrica61.(P.S. give yourself a hug also )
Incontinence is a normal phenomenom for the older generation, so accept it! Be done with it. There's nothing wrong with Depends or better yet, the house brand from Kroger, Publix, Rite-Aid, CVS, IGA, etc. Put it on. Change it "sores" will occur.
Hi there, they also make great liners, much like the maxi pads used for 'that time of the month', but they are more absorbant-and a bit less embarrassing for mom.
My mother-in-law has started having problems lately - not just urine but bowel movements also. I don't mind so much if she doesn't want to wear diapers at her apartment and leaves a trail from the bed to the bathroom there (except we have to take the soiled bathmats home to wash because she can't lift the wet bathmats out of the washer) but after she had one accident while at our house we bought her diapers and insisted she wear them while at our place. She's been sleeping in my daughter's bed and I don't want that soiled. She's been staying with us a few days and nights because she stupidly climbed up on a counter to wave goodbye to the great-grandkids and broke her leg getting down. Just a small fracture but it hurts and she's supposed to stay off her feet and my husband thought she'd be better off with us - after being woke up a few nights to take her potty he's changed his mind and she will be back in her place today YAY! I think at 88 she really needs to go into a nursing home instead of the senior apartment complex she's in but she won't want to spend the money. It's HIS mother and he'll have to be the one to put her away if necessary but I'll go stark raving mad if she stays with us any more. I'm so glad my parents both died in their mid-70s and I didn't have to go through this with them.
A toileting schedule and bed side commode would be your best bet.

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