Knee Replacement due to Ostheoarthrtis


My mother has Ostheoarthritis has been suffering with pain for a while. She uses a walker to get around. Today, her Orthopedic told us she needs knee replacement. She is a bit afraid and so am I. We are considering the doctor's suggestion. Further, he said that she would go to a nursing home for rehabilitation. She is afraid of nursing homes because of the horror stories she heard.

Are there any testimonies from anyone in this forum. I can use all the moral support and testimonies.

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I had the right knee replaced a year ago. You NEED to go to rehab, to work at PT every day. You MUST be self-motivated to participate in the PT. I am fully recovered. Weight is a big factor, get her weight down first, and keep it down.

My mother is 82, arthritis in both knees and just had a replacement in one 5 weeks ago. It is painful, but less than what she was having before. She had therapy in a facility for 2 weeks and then 2 weeks outpatient therapy. She was at 125 degree bend after 3 weeks and is fully at 130 degree now. It was very hard on her and me for the first 10 days or so because she doesn't do well on heavy duty pain medication. She is now on a mild pain reliever and doing very well. She is not ready to even think about the other knee and I doubt at her age if it will happen, but it is much better than before. She has several months to go before it is all healed and working as it is supposed to but she can walk on her own and does her exercises everyday. If you aren't prepared to do the therapy after and endure some pain/discomfort, you will not do well. Do you have a rehab center (not a nursing home) near you? My mother has been in 2 different rehab centers for cracked pelvis and arthritis therapy prior to the surgery and I have found them to be wonderful - their only focus is getting patient ready to be back home.

At 52 I had a TKR. It is hard to imagine. My overall process was hard from start to finish. Rehab was a nightmare. Please make frequent visits if our mother goes into one. There is a lot of pain and she must do het homework as well. In 12 month I achieved a 115 degree bend. I found aqua therapy to be the best for me. Good luck and be patient it does help on the end. I have learned to live with some discomfort.