How do I stop sons from robbing dad Blind

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The man I care for is blind. His sons are on his bank account to help him but instead they help themselves. He gets approx.4,000.00 a month but yet he never has any money or acess to it. His bills barely get paid and they total only,maybe 1.500.00 a month. He knows whats going on but doesnt want to acknowledge it. If it doesnt i'm afraid they'll put him in the poor house and then leave him. What can I do?


About the only thing you can do is to report them to the police, giving a complaint of theft. But if you do, make sure you have plenty of documentation to prove that he's not getting any money.
Hi there Angel,

You must speak to your client about this and find out what he knows and what the facts are. Please remember that you are a mandated reporter - so you are required by law to file a report of elder abuse with your agency, with your local APS, and law enforcement if you have reason to believe it is true and he is being taken advantage of. Do not just "tell the police" - or be convinced that it is a civil matter. If you still are worried about reporting call your local Ombudsman through the local area dept on aging.

Seriously. I hope it is not true - but you owe it to your client to google Fiduciary Elder Abuse and read the GOVERNMENT sites - not the lawyers advertising sites -
it is ugly, it is harmful and can destroy families - but the alternative is to destroy the life of a vulnerable elder who will not recover from the loss of his home, property and any money for his care.

If you have questions, write back
This is usually what happens when vultures get all they can and can't get no more, they leave just like you said after the victim's in the poorhouse. What I would do is at very least find out who his bank is and go and speak anonymously to the manager and tell them what you told us here. What I would do first is make a report to the APS so that you have something to go on when you speak to the bank manager. Let them know you're not trying to do anything more than give them a heads up that something is going on and has been going on for a while. Now, I personally would speak to an eldercare lawyer and see if conservatorship is right for you but be very careful taking over his financial affairs there are many thieves just like this out there. If you can get a lawyer involved, perhaps the lawyer might also be able to contact the bank for you and they can take further action from there and put a stop on his account blocking access to his son. His sons should also be barred from inheriting anything, this is a very serious crime that should bar elder abusers from inheriting anything from their victims. What I would do when you speak to the lawyer though is have both his bank and the lawyer set up online auto bill pay for his bills since he's blind. Carrying cash when you're blind is risky. I saw a video on "what would you do" about this very scenario, and it was very shocking how many people will actually take advantage of the blind who happened to be paying with cash at the checkout. This is why it's better to only use a debit card and run it as credit. It would be a good idea to have someone with him and don't let him travel alone. That way, it'll make it harder for anyone to take advantage of him because there are people out there who really will take advantage of not just elders but also the blind

I understand you are on a crusade to get your message out, but I can see no point in reviving threads like this one from NINE years ago.
Wasted my time opening this...
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What a hot mess!

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