Hot/Cold water in shower/tub.

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Hubby has trouble remembering which side of a one faucet on/off in the shower is hot or cold. I made two signs about 6" high on paper. H is colored Red and C is colored Blue. Slipped them into sandwich size baggies and sealed them. The seal is at the top. Punched 2 holes in each baggie above the seal. Used two each suction cups to hang.
Also can use red and blue stars like teachers hand out on papers. Just use enough of them in a cluster to older folks can see them.
And, no, I'm not trying to sell anything. If someone out there can invent this for sale, I have no patent on it. Just want to help older folks.

By Hubby is now a happy shower taker!


Cheyenne, that's a great idea. I wish on the TV show "Shark Tank" that there would be more inventors geared toward the elderly or even people who are young but need a bit of help. With all the hospitals, continuing care facilities, day care, and households, that would be a lot of sales :)
Oops, I meant to say Quart Size Baggie not Sandwich size. And put them next to the turner oner because that is where his eyes are.
That's a good idea, and a safe one as well. Thanks for sharing that tip.
Great idea.
A 90 y.o. neighbor was given a microwave, and asked me to show him how to use it. His ability to cook was at question, so I marked just the button for one minute in large letters. ON, then the OFF button. Told him if he wants to cook more than one minute, to watch it and press it again, don't use any other buttons. Actually, said that I didn't know how either, which was not far from the truth
Oh, its great idea thanks for share this tip.
Yea, freqflyer, if only I could show it more. Someone out there could make it using very little capital.

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