Hospice Murder

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Many people come to this forum and post their concerns that they believe hospice killed their loved one.

I want you to know with certainty that you are correct in your suspicions. Hospice does murder. I have witnessed it, as well as many other.

Please, if you have experienced this, I'm asking you to continue to speak out. There is a growing effort to bring these atrocities to the attention of the public by speaking out, and telling our stories. That is the only way we can make other people aware.

Don't ever let anyone convince you that you didn't witness what you witnessed. You were there. You saw it. And you know.

Here is the timeline of the merging of the Euthanasia Society of America and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. The two are one in the same. Wonder no longer if they are murdering. They are. It is their mission. It is what they do.

Please hashtag all of your hospice murder posts and comment #minetoo

#minetoo #hospice #hospicemurder


Since you're such a strong advocate against hospice, why don't you start a movement to contact your elected reps to deal with the issue? That's one of the reasons they're in existence.
Your url does not work. I can't find anything about the merging of a hospice organization and a euthanasia organization, EXCEPT for pets.
Nor could I find anything either, but that doesn't surprise me.
Prolife, going to an aging care website where many have had to use hospice and provoking a negative response is hardly worthwhile. Putting fear in the mind of somebody who is already stressed to the max is not nice.
"Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America", by Ron Panzer ( hospice nurse, turned whistleblower )
Hospice Hell, by Pastor Joey Faust
Go away, you troll.

My cancer-ridden stepmother BEGGED everyone for assisted death in hospice, and even had a notice put up on her door absolving anyone who shortened her life through medication. BY LAW, no one was allowed to help.

She begged me to kill her. If I could have gotten my hands on enough morphine (I tried), I would have gladly gone to jail for ending her suffering.

The hospice workers were angels who adored my stepmother, took excellent care her, and wept when she died.

Why don't you go fight for universal health care, if you're so interested in helping the living continue to live?
Yes please go away. It’s all well and good you are adamant enough to support an issue but when you come here to bully people and not be open for discussing the other side you are being selfish and hurtful.

Please....give me a break already.

I see that they have deleted my links to hospice exposing matieral.

I just want to remind you that when you speak out, you give others the power to speak out as well. We are stronger in numbers. We won't stop. We won't be silenced. No discussion needed!

#minetoo #hospicemurder #hospicekills
Blog talk radio:
Marti Oakley
Hidden Truth Revealed
Are talk radio shows exposing hospice murders.

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