Hospice Murder


Many people come to this forum and post their concerns that they believe hospice killed their loved one.

I want you to know with certainty that you are correct in your suspicions. Hospice does murder. I have witnessed it, as well as many other.

Please, if you have experienced this, I'm asking you to continue to speak out. There is a growing effort to bring these atrocities to the attention of the public by speaking out, and telling our stories. That is the only way we can make other people aware.

Don't ever let anyone convince you that you didn't witness what you witnessed. You were there. You saw it. And you know.

Here is the timeline of the merging of the Euthanasia Society of America and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. The two are one in the same. Wonder no longer if they are murdering. They are. It is their mission. It is what they do.

Please hashtag all of your hospice murder posts and comment #minetoo

#minetoo #hospice #hospicemurder

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Calla829 no one is playing damage control. Just speaking the truth and fighting against the propaganda that some of you feel is appropriate for this board. Take the hate somewhere else.

(Countrymouse)- the case actually is not unusual at all & it's happening all over the country. The elderly are being funneled into hospice like cattle, when they really aren't hospice eligible at all. Lies, lies, lies, $$$$$$$$$$$$. Doctor kickbacks $$$$$$$$$$$$. 

(worriedinCali)- If a person is really dying of cancer, in pain, & needs painkillers that is a whole different story, but that's not what I'm talking about & no one has the right to play GOD!

Sounds like we may have some hospice nurses on here playing damage control.

Ugh this again?

Hospice did not murder my MIL. My husband did not murder his mother when he made the decision to start morphine. Morphine allowed her sleep through her finally few days peacefully, until her wear heart gave out. There was no “final cocktail” administered. Had morphine been refused until the very end, she would have had a traumatic, painful, suffering death! She would not have gone peacefully. She would have continued to “feel terrible” (that was her last complaint, she felt terrible) and she would have suffocated to death. I guess all the prolifers of the world would have done the opposite? They would have called 911 and had paramedics pound on her frail chest, breaking her ribs. (She went from 140lbs to 60lbs in a few short months, she was skin and bones when she died). They have would her taken to the hospital and hooked up machines and tubes, never to speak again. And then what? Beg and plead with the doctors to do something? What do they think can be done for someone who’s body has just about shut down completely and will never recover? And why prolong a suffering life?

Thank you Veronica. Very nice example that I have personally seen! Morphine at a time like that is a Mercy!

I thought that rang a bell - we have already discussed it on the forum, a couple of years back. The investigation and prosecution have been going on for about four years now.

The case is egregious. Happily, a) it is *extremely* unusual; and b) none of the people involved will ever work in healthcare again.


Grief demands answers. Anger is a part of the grieving process and usually that anger has to be taken out on something or someone. if Hospice was part of the picture, they become the easy target.

HolidayEnd let me ask yu a question. I see you are caring for your Dad who has lung disease which does not sound too bad at this point in time. Do you knpw what it will look like when your Dad is at the end of his journey and all available medications no longer work?

With nothing to help him he will be lying in or should I say sitting up in his bed or recliner with all the windows open and a couple of fans blowing on him, his skeletal chest exposed to the cold night air with 2 or 3 oxygen concentraters pumping out their maximum. He will be gasping for air with his mouth open too weak to cough up the junk from his lungs that you can hear rattling with every breath.

Is that the way you want to watch your Dad leave this world. You can call the EMTs and go to the ER and your choice is life support which means intubation when he won't be able to talk because of the tube in his throat.
You and the family are at the bedside wringing your hands weeping and wailing begging the Dr to do something it's cruel to allow him to be sufferig like this.
You would be right it is cruel to let someone suffer like this very very cruel.
What can the Dr do? is there anything to ease his suffering?

Well there is it is called Morphine. It does not cure anything and no one wants to use it but on the other hand what your Dad will be experiencing is not called living it is called suffering.

Wouldn't it be better to see him possibly at home tucked up in his own bed sleeping peacefully even if he does not wake up again.

It is not a sin to ease suffering but it is if you cause it or allow it to continue when you have the means to ease it.

Easing suffering is not euthanasia or murder it is our God given gift to help each other if we can.
By the way I have witnessed the scenario I just described many times and also have COPD and when the time comes I will gladly and thankfully accept all the help I can get.

Ignoring ugly is not a comfort zone, it is the way to guilt and grief so think on that before you condemn the caring professionals who seek to comfort the dying

People will refuse to acknowledge ugly truths to stay in their comfort zones. The lone voice of sanity will be mocked.

Calla829, since you witnessed a murder, I assume you called the Police. What was the investigation conclusion? Was anyone arrested and put to trial?

From the information in the ACA, it is all positive regarding Hospice. Therefore, I am curious where you are finding your information regarding ACA.

I wont say there isnt some corruption in the system . Any time a system gets big it opens itself up to corruption and people who do not have good intentions. However. as a nurse and a Jewish women I take extreme umbridge at you using Hitler and the Camps as a comparision. I am sick to death of that in general . Nurse are highly trained, educated and devoted caregivers . Who have to follow Drs Orders. ( can give as much as an Asprin w/o them) They are legally bound to care for the patient. We have to have insurance against law suits just as Doctors do. Nursing is hard but rewarding work and some of the hardest working are Hospice Nurses. They build relationships with these patients over time and truely mourn their passing. Its just plain wrong to say that they are Murdering them . If you have an issue with the care of your family members why keep using it ? Why not see a lawyer? Why not talk to the doctor that made these orders. ER doctors dont usually diagnose and stage cancer.

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