My husband and I are taking care of his mom's finances...paying bills, taxes etc.

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Is there a tax credit or reimbursment for this?

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You should speak to a CPA regarding tax implications. You may be able to count her as a dependent.

Now if it is that you are handling her finances out of her estate for her, then you should see an elder care attorney to work this out so that when the time comes that she has spent down to
$ 2K all is OK for medicaid processing in her state, or establishing a Miller trust if that a possibility.

If nothing else, set up a new checking account to do all this from. So that it is NEVER co-mingling with your accounts. So it is all clear as this is related to his mom and used
for her and her expenses only. If she is pretty together still you might have it so that she & you are the signatures so in theory your DH/her son can be the mediator for items.

You never know......Good Luck!

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