Hi. I'm new here. I went over to see my grandmother a few days ago. Normally she is happy to have a visitor and can sit and chat for a good hour. This time she was sleeping in a chair at a table and could not stay awake to talk at all. When I would touch her on the hand and say something she would lift her head slightly and try to answer but then go right back to sleep. Does anyone know what this means? Did she just have a bad nights sleep? I will be going over again on Wednesday to see if she is any better and to talk to the nurse.

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Welcome, Jeny!

I wouldn't worry too much about it right now although you're right to be wondering if this is normal.

You said you went to see your grandma. So you don't care for her 24/7? Are you involved in her medications? Know what she takes on a regular basis? You said something about a nurse which leads me to believe she's either in assisted living or a nursing home?

Maybe your grandma just had a bad night. Or maybe she is on a medication that she takes at night that isn't out of her system by the next day. A sleeping medication or an anti-anxiety med? If your grandma is all dopey due to medication her medication should be adjusted.

If your grandma is in assisted living or a nursing home talk to the shift nurse about your concerns.

And good for you for visiting your grandma and for wanting to know about her health.

I have the same experience with my 87-year old mother who has dementia and is immobile. She lives with me and I care for her around the clock with the help of carers to lift her into/out of bed and do personal things like washing, bathing, dressing, etc. Being around her all the time I notice the gradual changes in her activity patterns and the increased tendency to sleep during the day is something I have seen over the past few months. There are no changes to her medication, or to the bedtime/breakfast routine, and she is not getting any more exercise. She is just increasingly exhausted and want to shut out various stimuli around her (i.e. the TV). I have spoken to her GP and he simply says that she is getting older and her body is shutting down - just something to accept.

It could mean a lot of things, or just nothing. Bad nights sleep, too many medicines, large meal, board, age related. My mother would just fall asleep to just fall asleep at 78, so I am proud of you for noticing this and you are right to stay on top of it early and ask her nurse. Is she in an AL or Skilled Facility? If she is in a Skilled Facility and she is on a sleeping medicine they could have given her, her nighttime medicines late the night before and it had not left her system, which it takes longer to leave our bodies as we age, that is just a guess. Please stay on top of this and do not let the nurse brush you off, contact the physician if you have to. If she is in a facility, they can just medicate them to keep them quite. They will stop if family is around more often, visit at different times, never the same time and do not tell them what times. Keep us posted as to what you find.



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