Anyone watch tonight's [April 22, 2018] "60 Minutes"? They had a segment regarding Dementia.

Each year for the past dozen or so years 60 Minutes would do a yearly interview with this couple, the wife had Dementia/Alzheimer's, she was first diagnosed in her early 70's. The interview also was about how the husband was coping as now the roles were reversed. Sweet guy, he was ok with doing the cooking, laundry, and other chores. He said his wife did all those chores for many years for him so now it was his turn.

In one interview he said he would never put his wife in a nursing home. Of course, at the time of the interview she was smiling, talking, walking, etc. As the years went on, the show had other interviews. In the final interview, the wife was just a shell of her self, strapped into a wheelchair all hunched over, couldn't talk, no eye contact, etc. Husband said she was in a vegetable state. He couldn't do anything more for her, and you could tell he was falling apart himself, so he had to place his wife in a nursing home. I was glad 60 Minutes had this on, as to those who aren't familiar with memory loss, this would be an eye opener.

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I saw it too. My take was that as a caregiver, you have to know when to turn things over to those experienced in dealing with alzheimers [ memory unit in NM]. It may be loving and noble to try to take care of a love one at home, but one has to know when enough is enough.

I saw it as well. At first, I felt bad that the interviewer was asking her questions and she didn't know the answer to some. I felt bad for her. But, I think the point was that they wanted to use this as a teaching tool. I suppose her husband authorized it. I see the point, but, don't think I would authorize it for my LO.  Showing her yes, but, not knowing the direct questions like her husband's name or a watch?  I don't know.....Of course, I don't think she knew that she was on tv.

I watched as well - although it was mere snippets, the wife was generally at ease and good humored in the early years of the interviews

Yes, FF, I watched it. I think this was the tenth year that the show has followed this married couple watching wife's progression. Sad, isn't it. The show was well done. They seemed to want by more. So very sad for the healthy spouse. An excellent example of how difficult caregiving is.

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