Caring for Elderly Parents at Home -

Caring for Elderly Parents at Home

Support and information to help you care for parents at their home and in your own home. Learn about benefits, making your home safe, keeping parents mobile, caring for elderly health conditions and dealing with tough issues that caregivers face when they move parents in their home. Whether you're a daughter or son moving their mom, dad or both parents in your home, AgingCare helps you prepare for moving an elderly parent in.

Articles About Caring For Elderly Parents At Home
  • Kitchen Safety Concerns for People with Dementia
    Sharing a kitchen with another cook can be trying for some people. Sharing a kitchen with a person who has dementia can be more than trying; it can be unsafe.
  • I Need a Charlie App
    What I really need is a "Charlie App." Different types of technology can be very helpful for caregivers of elders with dementia.
  • How My 'Village' is Helping Me Age in Place
    In recent weeks, I've been following the spread of the "Village" concept around the country. These villages are non-profit membership organizations designed to help seniors stay in their own homes -- active, safe, and comfortable. What a great idea!
  • Empty Nester No More: Boomers Brace for Parental Tenants
    The number of multi-generational households is likely to double over the next few years, according to a recent report. Adult children often struggle when deciding whether their elderly parent(s) should move in with them.
  • How to Safely Pick a Loved One (or Yourself) Up After a Fall
    Falls are a common occurrence for seniors, so it’s important to know what to do after one occurs. Use these tips to get your elderly loved one on their feet again and avoid any further injury.
  • Tips to Extend Independence of a Senior at Home
    Seniors long to stay home and retain their independence as long as possible. There are many tools available for family caregivers to utilize and share with their aging loved one. Exploring the options and implementing small changes for their benefit will greatly increase the time they can remain home before needing placement in a care facility. Consider their unique circumstances as the need for assistance increases to support their freedom for as long as possible.
  • Neighbors Can Be Lifesavers for Older Adults Who Live Alone
    Families often worry about the safety of an older adult who lives alone, especially if there are no other relatives who live near by. In these instances, an aging loved one's neighbors can be an invaluable source of information and security.
  • Telemedicine for Chronic Health Conditions Management
    Telemedicine lets people with chronic health conditions manage their diseases at home while being monitored by health-care professionals.
  • Helpful Home Modifications for When a Parent Moves In
    A caregiver shares the adjustments and renovations she made to prepare her home for her elderly father-in-law to move in.

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