Melanie Sponholz is a Physical Therapist with a Board Certification in Geriatrics (GCS). Melanie is the Director of Quality Assurance and Professional Development at Fox Rehabilitation. She is an alumnus of Columbia University where she received a Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy.



Should I use bed rails if I am having trouble keeping my mom from falling out of bed?

There are several options to consider when thinking about home safety such as falling out of bed. I suggest consulting with an... see more


Is there an organization that can help get physical therapy after a stroke?

I suggest speaking with the nursing staff and medical director of the nursing home and letting them know of your concerns. I also suggest... see more


My elderly mother’s ankles are swollen and she is walking with her knees bent. What can I do to help her walk...

In order to determine the best way to help her, first, the cause of her swollen ankles and bent knees but be determined. Swollen ankles... see more

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