Leeanne Chames advocates for dementia awareness, having lost her mother to Vascular Dementia and her mother-in-law to Alzheimer’s. She is the Executive Director of Memory People, an online dementia and memory impairment support and awareness group, and assists Rick Phelps, the founder of Memory People, in bringing awareness to these diseases.


My experiences as a long-distance caregiver for my mother taught my family and I the true significance of the phrase, "Rest in peace."

I can’t recall my mom ever grumbling about anything. Her stoicism endured, even in the face of advancing dementia, and showed me how important it is to fully cherish every moment we’re blessed with, despite the countless challenges we encounter in life.

Forging relationships with little ones is exciting and rewarding. Grandchildren can spark a deeper connection with our own parents and grandparents—even those who may no longer be with us.

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