Bruce Rosenblatt is a senior housing expert with decades of experience in the elder care industry. Bruce developed Senior Housing Solutions in 2009 and now uses his expertise to educate clients on all available living options and assist them in finding the best fit for their needs and lifestyle.



Are ALF monthly fees negotiable?

Sometimes rates are negotiable; however care is rarely never negotiated. It never hurts to ask. If you are being charged for levels of... see more


How do you decide if best for parent to "Age in Place" or be in assisted living?

Social isolation will occur if she ages in place in her own home. Maybe the ALF is not the right one for your mom, so you may want to... see more


What should I expect for monthly rent with independent living?

Rates vary from city to city and vary greatly within each city. Be careful of levels of care on top of the base rent. This is where prices... see more


How do you deal with a sister who said she would help with our mother (who lives with me) and now will not?

I would agree that moving your mom to assisted living is the right solution. Maybe your sister can help pay for some of the expenses or at... see more


How do I get my parents to agree to go to a retirement home?

I would agree that sometimes it is better to let an expert/third party discuss this idea with your parents since they have faced this... see more


I had to call adult protective services about my parents because they can no longer care for themselves but re...

You may want to contact a professional guardian to help you through all of this.


My mother (92) lives in an independent care facility. Advice?

I would suggest that you speak with the activities director at the place where she lives. Maybe there are some activities for her to join... see more

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