Q: Who should I go to if I suspect Alzheimer's disease?

A: Your family doctor can suspect the disease, but they may not be qualified to diagnose the disease. Therefore, they can request that you see a specialist.

Usually, Alzheimer's disease is best diagnosed by a neurologist experienced in the disease diagnosis. Geriatricians can help diagnose Alzheimer's.

A psychologist or psychiatrist may be useful to rule out certain conditions that can mimic Alzheimer's disease, such as depression. Therefore, the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is usually one of exclusion.

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When all possible organic causes of learning and memory problems have been ruled out and all the tests are compatible with possible Alzheimer's disease, a diagnosis is made.

Sometimes before the diagnostic process is completed, especially in very mild or initial stages of the disease, the diagnosis cannot be made accurately. In a few cases, the entire diagnostic period can last a relatively long time.