Are you tired of being blasted by bitter air and lower-than-normal temperatures every time you step outside? Here's a group of older adults who have the opposite problem—they're "too hot" for their own good.

The jazzy suits, smooth dance moves and interesting choices of transportation (spoiler: a motorized scooter makes an appearance) of these funk-loving men and women are sure to warm you up by getting you grooving.

Don't believe me? Just watch…

Every singer and dancer in this cover of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hip-hop tune "Uptown Funk" is at least 65 years old (some are 92), according to the description on YouTube. The video features performances by the Genesis Band and Gene Elliots "Golden Girls"—a group of gracefully-aging beauties who perform half-time routines at basketball games.

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All told, the performers have a total 1,200 grandchildren!