The internet is the go-to source for patients and their families when it comes to meaningful information regarding Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. There is so much information available from authored opinions, statistics, research, and even location services for local support groups. It can be difficult finding a place to start.

Family caregivers need information and support throughout the intial diagnosis, treatments, changes to daily living and the progression of the disease. Learning about the various stages, behaviors and symptoms as well as advance planning techniques and care options is necessary to make informed decisions for you and your aging loved one.

Helpful and Reputable Resources for Caregivers

Alzheimer's Association

This group supports families and caregivers of patients with AD. There are local chapters in communities nationwide that provide support groups, education and fundraising events for research. Formed in 1980, the association advances research to end the disease while enhancing care for those living with it.

Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center

This government Web site is funded by the National Institute on Aging. It has information, news and updates on AD issues, including diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Centers

ADC offers diagnosis and medical management, clinical research, drug trials, information about the disease, and services and resources like support groups.

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Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI)

ADI is an international membership group of AD associations. The ADI site links to member association sites throughout the world. They are a resource for global information and can assist in locating help nearby. They create and support programs that fight dementia globally.

While these are just a few resources available, it is always important to gather as much information as possible as a family faces health issues. Planning well is the best support you can give your family. AgingCare's Caregivers' Resource Library is another resource that can help you and your family establish a care plan, learn about caring for a loved one with dementia, hire home care and much more.