Taking the correct medication and dosage at the right time becomes increasingly difficult with age. Making sense of a senior’s complicated drug regimen can be enough to make even a family caregiver’s head spin. The AgingCare.com Caregiver Forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable tips and information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ suggestions of products and services that can prompt a senior to take their meds and help track their doses.

Medication Reminder Products and Services

“We had the hired in-home caregiver remind my mom to take her medications. The helper who was there in the daytime would watch Mom actually take her morning medication, and then I would call around 9 each night and stay connected until Mom confirmed she took her evening meds.” –anonymous11306

“You can buy an alarmed medication dispenser that is locked, so your loved one can’t over or under dose with the medicine. It holds up to 2 weeks of medication at a time. I got one for my father, and I refill it every other Sunday and have never had a problem with him taking more medication than necessary again. I got mine on Amazon for around $40.” –Tracy1968

“My dad had a pill box and morning caregivers who would make sure he took his morning meds. The caregivers would leave notes around Dad’s home as a reminder to take the evening pills, even leaving the pills in a cup on the kitchen table for him.” –freqflyer

“Someone did tell me about a product on the market to help remind a loved one to take their meds. It is some kind of electronic medication dispenser that makes a noise or announcement when it is time for a dose and opens the right compartment. If the pills aren’t taken in a certain timeframe, it shuts down so they can’t take it too much later. There’s even one that hooks up to their phone line. If the pills aren’t taken, it is programed to call and inform you. Do a Google search for ‘automatic pill dispenser’ or ‘electronic pill dispenser’ and lots of choices will come up.” –JulieWI

“You can get a medication dispenser that dispenses pills at appropriate times. If the medication is not taken, it will call and let someone know of the missed dose.” –tacy022

“My mom and step-father used a medication dispenser with an alarm for several years. They really liked it!” –momdoesntknowme

“There is technology called telemedicine that dispenses medication at the time your loved one is to take it and vocally reminds people to take their medications. The machine can also send a text to you or a caregiver when the medicine is not taken from the dispenser tray. Of course, if they are really being rebellious and not forgetful, they will pick it up from the tray and not take it.” –IKORWPA

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“The alarmed pill box is a lifesaver for loved ones who still have their wits about them. Otherwise, it’s a good tool for caregivers.” –deefer12

“Philips Lifeline has a great dispenser, but it’s pricy. You can put up to 10 days of medication in it. You set up the time for it to dispense, and a voice comes on to tell the patient it is time for meds. The patient hits the button and the pills come out in a plastic dispenser. It will announce a couple of times if meds are not taken and then you will get a call. It also locks so they can’t fool with the contents.” –JoAnn29