These state-run programs provide assistance to those who need financial aid to pay for their prescription medications. Most state programs require applicants to be legal residents of the state, and some also take into consideration the applicant’s current insurance coverage.

ProgramEligibility RequirementsContact
Alabama Rx CardOpen to all Alabama residents.(877) 507-5445
Alabama SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 243-5463
SenioRxOpen to Alabama residents age 55 or older, or those with disabilities, who have chronic medical conditions requiring daily medication (additional income limits apply).(800) 243-5463
Alaska Rx CardOpen to all Alaska residents.(800) 380-6369
Chronic and Acute Medical Assistance (CAMA)Open to those with a covered medical illness, no third party resources to help pay for treatment, limited financial resources, and U.S. citizenship or legal alien status.(800) 780-9972
Arizona Rx CardOpen to all Arizona residents.(602) 349-2382
Arizona SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.(800) 432-4040
Arkansas Drug CardOpen to all Arkansas residents.Visit Site
Arkansas Healthcare Access FoundationOpen to Arkansas resident who are U.S. citizens or verified permanent resident aliens, have no health insurance. and fall within 150% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines.(501) 221-3033
California Rx CardOpen to all California residents.(855) 222-4323
HICAPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 434-0222
Colorado Drug CardOpen to all Colorado residents.(720) 539-1424
Colorado Senior Health Insurance Assistance ProgramOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.(888) 696-7213
Connecticut Drug CardOpen to all Connecticut residents.(877) 202-2214
CHOICESOpen to those 60 and older, and persons with disabilities.(800) 994-9422
Delaware Rx CardOpen to all Delaware residents.(302) 388-4684
Delaware Medicare Assistance BureauOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 336-9500
Delaware Prescription Assistance ProgramDelaware residents age 65 and older (or those receiving SS benefits) with income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, or prescription costs that exceed 40% of your income.(800) 996-9969
Florida Rx CardOpen to all Florida residents.(850) 764-1919
SHINEOpen to older adults in Florida.(800) 963-5337
Georgia Drug CardOpen to all Georgia residents.(888)-214-7721
GeorgiaCaresOpen to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.(866) 552-4464
Hawaii Rx CardOpen to all Hawaii residents.(800) 214-9458
Sage PLUSOpen to Medicare beneficiaries, their families and caregivers.(888) 875-9229
Idaho Rx CardOpen to all Idaho residents.(208) 297-3238
SHIBAOpen to older adults in Idaho.(800) 247-4422
Illinois Rx CardOpen to all Illinois residents.(888) 615-1988
Indiana Drug CardOpen to all Indiana residents.(888) 446-3979
HoosierRxOpen to Indiana residents age 65 and older with income limitations who have applied for Medicare Extra Help through SS.(866) 267-4679
Indiana SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 452-4800
Iowa Drug CardOpen to all Iowa residents.(877) 507-5445
Iowa SHIPOpen older adults in Iowa.(800) 351-4664
Kansas Drug CardOpen to all Kansas residents.(913) 638-8415
SHICKOpen to older adults in Kansas.(800) 860-5260
Kentucky Rx CardOpen to all Kentucky residents.(502) 822-0145
Kentucky SHIPOpen to older adults in Kentucky, those with disabilities, and their caregivers and families(877) 293-7447
KPAPEligibility requirements are income-based.(800) 633-8100
Louisiana Drug CardOpen to all Louisiana residents.(877) 454-8787
Louisiana SenioRxOpen to Louisiana residents age 60 and over, with no prescription drug coverage and limited income. Other restrictions apply.(877) 340-9100
Maine Rx CardOpen to all Maine residents.(800) 931-5042
Maine’s Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled ProgramOpen to Maine residents age 62 and over, or 19 and over with SS disability income. Income and other restrictions apply.(866) 796-2463
Maryland Rx CardOpen to all Maryland residents.(800) 301-4679
Maryland Senior Prescription Drug Assistance ProgramOpen to Medicare beneficiaries who have resided in Maryland for at least 6 months. Income restrictions also apply.(800) 551-5995
Maryland SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.Visit Site
Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy ProgramEligibility requirements vary according to program.(410) 767-5800
Massachusetts Drug CardOpen to all Massachusetts residents.(800) 617-2645
Prescription AdvantageOpen to Massachusetts residents age 65 and older, as well as younger individuals with disabilities who meet income and employment guidelines.(800) 243-4636
Michigan Rx CardOpen to all Michigan residents.(888) 908-8889
(Michigan’s version of SHIP)
Open to Medicare beneficiaries, persons with disabilities and their caregivers.(800) 803-7174
miRxOpen to Michigan residents and their families who have no other prescription drug coverage. Income limitations also apply.(866) 755-6479
Minnesota Drug CardOpen to all Minnesota residents.(612) 547-8114
Senior LinkAge LineNo eligibility requirements to receive information on various programs.(800) 333-2433
Mississippi Drug CardOpen to all Mississippi residents.(877) 507-5445
Mississippi SHIPOpen to those age 60 and older, or persons with disabilities.(800) 948-3090
Missouri Drug CardOpen to all Missouri residents.(314) 919-2019
Missouri CLAIMOpen to all Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 390-3330
Montana Rx CardOpen to all Montana residents.(406) 396-2658
Montana SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries, their families and caregivers.(800) 551-3191
Big Sky Rx ProgramOpen to all Montana residents who are Medicare beneficiaries that meet certain income requirements.(866) 369-1233
Nebraska Rx CardOpen to all Nebraska residents.(402) 909-1128
Nevada Drug CardOpen to all Nevada residents.(888) 826-8636
Nevada SHIPOpen to all seniors, their families and caregivers.(800) 307-4444
Nevada Senior/Disability Rx PrgramOpen to individuals age 18-61 years old with a verifiable disability OR age 62 years old or older. Applicants must meet income limits of $28,709 for individuals or $38,270 and must also have lived in Nevada for at least 12 continuous months prior to date of application.(775) 687-4210
New Hampshire
New Hampshire Rx CardOpen to all New Hampshire residents.(800) 931-5042
New Hampshire Medication Bridge ProgramOpen to U.S. residents who take long-term medications that are not covered under any other program. Additional income limitations also apply.(603) 415-4297
NH ServiceLink Resource CenterInformation is open to all.(866) 634-9412
New Jersey
New Jersey Drug CardOpen to all New Jersey residents.(877) 233-3866
Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged & DisabledOpen to New Jersey residents age 65 and older (or 18+ if receiving SS disability). and within certain income limitations.(800) 792-9745
New Mexico
New Mexico Drug CardOpen to all New Mexico residents.(505) 764-3740
New York
New York Rx CardOpen to all New York residents.(800) 931-2297
EPICOpen to New York residents age 65 and older who are enrolled or eligible for Medicare Part D, not receiving full Medicaid benefits and meet income requirements.(800) 332-3742
HIICAPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries, their families, caregivers, or other representatives and people who may be eligible for Medicare.(800) 701-0501
North Carolina
North Carolina Drug CardOpen to all North Carolina residents.(828) 638-4567
North Carolina SHIIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.(800) 443-9354
North Dakota
North Dakota Rx CardOpen to all North Dakota residents.Visit Site
Prescription ConnectionOpen to North Dakota residents who do not qualify for any state prescription drug assistance and have low income or financial challenges.(888) 575-6611
Ohio Drug CardOpen to all Ohio residents.(513) 257-0517
OSHIIPOpen to Ohio Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 686-1578
Ohio’s Best Rx ProgramOpen to Ohio residents age 60 and over, or any age within certain income restrictions.(866) 923-7879
Oklahoma Drug CardOpen to all Oklahoma residents.(918) 640-9395
Oklahoma SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries, their representatives and people soon to be eligible for Medicare.(800) 763-2828
Oregon Drug CardOpen to all Oregon residents.(877) 279-3424
Senior Health Insurance Benefits Assistance (SHIBA)Open to Medicare beneficiaries and the people who care for them.(800) 722-4134
Pennsylvania Drug CardOpen to all Pennsylvania residents.(800) 901-2185
APPRISEOpen to Medicare beneficiaries, their families and Pennsylvanians age 60 and over.(800) 225-8571
PACE/PACENETOpen to Pennsylvania residents (of at least 90 days) age 65 and older who meet certain income requirements.(800) 225-7223
Rhode Island
Rhode Island Rx CardOpen to all Rhode Island residents.(401) 484-7479
Rhode Island Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Elderly (RIPAE)Open to residents who are enrolled in Medicare Part D and meet certain income requirements.(401) 462-3000
RI SHIPOpen to seniors, adults with disabilities, family members and caregivers.(401) 462-4000
South Carolina
South Carolina Drug CardOpen to all South Carolina residents.(843) 259-2902
South Carolina I-CARE (SHIP)Open to South Carolina residents who are Medicare beneficiaries or will soon be eligible for Medicare.Visit Site
South Dakota
South Dakota Rx CardOpen to all South Dakota residents.(605) 951-4638
South Dakota SHIINEOpen to Medicare beneficiaries.Eastern Region:
(800) 536-8197
Central Region:
(877) 331-4834
Western Region:
(877) 286-9072
Tennessee Drug CardOpen to all Tennessee residents.(888) 987-0688
Tennessee SHIPOpen to all Tennessee Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers.(877) 801-0044
Texas Drug CardOpen to all Texas residents.(855) 469-8979
Texas HICAPOpen to Texas seniors and persons with disabilities.(800) 252-3439
Utah Drug CardOpen to all Utah residents.(801) 709-4088
Vermont Rx CardOpen to all Vermont residents.(800) 931-5042
Vermont SHIPOpen to residents age 65 or older, or those with disabilities.(800) 642-5119
Virginia Drug CardOpen to all Virginia residents.(866) 413-9778
Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program (VICAP)Open to Medicare beneficiaries.(800) 552-3402
Washington Drug CardOpen to all Washington residents.(206) 755-6971
West Virginia
West Virginia Rx CardOpen to all West Virginia residents.(877) 669-6569
West Virginia SHIPOpen to Medicare beneficiaries and their families.(877) 987-4463
Wisconsin Drug CardOpen to all Wisconsin residents.(414) 215-9432
Wisconsin SeniorCareOpen to Wisconsin residents age 65 or older (some income requirements apply).(800) 657-2038
Wyoming Rx CardOpen to all Wyoming residents.(888) 808-0099
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