Paul Ryan: Republican, Vice Presidential Nominee, Caregiver?


Representative Paul Ryan, presumptive GOP vice presidential nominee, kicked off a recent speech by revealing how he was introduced to the world of caregiving when his Alzheimer's stricken grandmother came to live with his family while he was still in high school.

He described what an eye-opening experience it was for him to help his mother look after his grandmother.

"You learn a lot about life. You learn a lot about seniors and your family. You learn a lot about Alzheimer's," he told the crowd gathered at The Villages, a retirement community in central Florida.

Ryan was in Florida to drum up support for his running mate, Governor Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential nominee. His speech focused primarily on outlining the differences between Romney's and President Obama's plans to save Medicare.

Obama's adjustments, as outlined in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), would be more incremental and limited, whereas Romney's reforms focus more on the program as a whole, and how it operates within the wider scope of the American economy.

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So what did he actually "learn"? This would have been the perfect time to bring up the devasting cost and burden of long-term care for individuals and society, as well as the building tsunami of Alzheimer's Disease. Instead, we hear lip-service. Nothing.
I liked Paul Ryan from the moment I saw him, and I think he would be a great vice-president!
Actions speak louder than words. President Obama has proven that he has empathy and he is concerned about families and every day people. He did not have to stick his political neck out trying to get health insurance coverage for all. He fought for equal pay for women because he knew his grandmother who cared for him did not earn equal pay. The other side has hampered the President's efforts to getting this country back on economic track b/c all they were thinking about was how to get this guy out of office next term. That snide remark by Romney the other day about how no one asked to see his birth certificate shows his true nature. Or his stupidity to bring up that divisive topic again. Neither of which makes for a great presidential character. Please tell me, anyone, since he was elected as a representative in 1998, what legislation has Ryan worked to pass that would help families or caregivers?