There are times, not many, but there are times when you do some of the dumbest things.

I like to blame the disease in cases like this. Everything started out fine today. Until I was sweeping out my truck. I have a shop vac and I get so tired of those wheels coming off.

Every time I pick it up, one, two, sometimes three wheels come off. I fixed that. I got out my super duper gorilla glue. That stuff will stick to anything and once it's on there ain't no getting it off.

Things were going well. All glued up, I was done sweeping, so I just let it sit so it would set up good and proper.

Sam (my dementia service dog) and I had a couple of things to do, and when we got back I thought I'll put the shop vac back. It has to be set up by now.

It was. Now comes the part where "things happen." Somehow some of the glue had went from the wheel housing, to the wheel, to the floor.

It was stuck like Chuck to the garage floor. Three out of four wheels. Could have been worse, could have been all four.

And when they say gorilla glue works, they mean it. There was no moving the thing. Wouldn't budge an inch. So...I figure I would take a hammer and tap each wheel.

Break it loose, if you will. I suppose this is the part where I don't realize the difference between a tap, and a whack.

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I got them loose but not before breaking the one wheel off. So now I have a tripod shopvac.

And that all happened before 10:00 am. I can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings...

Editor's note: Rick's journey with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease was chronicled in "Fade to Blank: Life Inside Alzheimer's," an in-depth look at the real lives of families affected by the Alzheimer's epidemic. His story continues on his personal blog on