The forum is filled with people coming together to share valuable information. We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips and suggestions for outings that seniors and their caregivers can enjoy together.

Outing Ideas for Seniors

“A few weeks ago, I took my father to a fiddling concert. There were three other people in a wheelchair there as well. Some of the concerts include a range of music, including big band music. Some United Methodist Churches also have free music programs on a weekly basis. If you like a particular music group, check their website and see what their show schedule is. We follow the two fiddling groups we like and go to a few different places for their concerts.” –GardenArtist

“Just the act of getting into the car and going for a short drive can take up a surprising amount of time. I used to take Mom to the beach to listen to the waves and gulls, or we would go through the drive thru to get coffee or a snack and we would sit at the park to eat. If you have a mall nearby, go to the food court. Take your loved one with you when you go for groceries. If they have mobility issues, they can still hold the basket while you wheel them down the aisles.” –cwillie

“My husband bowled with a senior league he found through the local senior center. I took him at first, but a woman on the league discovered he lived near her and she picked him up. He was the only one on the league with dementia, but they were all very patient with him—and protective. His other activity was golfing once a week, which a local rehabilitation facility arranged. All of the players were handicapped in some way, and each was paired up with a volunteer. It was awesome and really helped him feel like he had a ‘normal’ life.” –jeannegibbs

“Earlier this year, I took my mom to the zoo. She had to be pushed in a wheelchair because her knees are severely arthritic. I took pictures of everything, including photos of the both of us. I bought a photo album and we assembled it together. I had her pick what pictures she wanted and in what order. Now, at any special event or outing, I take pictures and we add them to her photo album.” –Yogibear

“Think about what your loved one liked to do in the past. My precious mother-in-law loved grocery stores and cooking. Even though I knew I could fly through the store and complete my shopping in 20 minutes, I’d take her along, knowing we’d be there for two hours! She loved reading labels on new items, looking at the produce, etc. My own mother loved to sew, knit, crochet and make quilts, so I take her to the Bernina store, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, just so she can look at the new machines, touch the fabrics and admire stitching. I took her to Neiman Marcus three years ago and we found a buttercream yellow brocade dress on a mannequin just like one she made for me when I was 13 years old. The $3,400 dress didn’t have half the detail she put into the scalloped dress she made back then, and she offered an excellent critique! (‘No handpicked zipper? No French seams? No Hong Kong finishes? How much do they want for this dress!?’) Let’s just say she impressed the lady waiting on us! We all chuckled and had a great time. Again, draw on your loved one’s interests when planning an outing and you’ll both have a great time!” –DebMath

“If you have a wheel chair, walk your loved one around the mall. I've walked both my dad and mom around a big mall area in a companion chair, which is good exercise for me and a chance for them to see other people.” –blannie

“I like to take Mom to a playground when it’s unoccupied and we push each other on a swing. When the carnival is in town, a Ferris wheel ride is fun too. Try going to sit on a park bench by water and flowers or at a place where there’s wildlife. You can feed the ducks, squirrels, etc. Try to engage all the senses. Bring a towel and a little kneeling pad or chair, so your loved one can dip their feet in the water. If you can take them swimming at a senior center with a warmed pool, it could be fun.” –rhastings2013

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“My dad loves to go for drives in the country, through the city, or to look at new things or things he’s seen before. It seems to be one of the few things that allows his mind to relax and provides an escape from some of his anxiety.” –vegsister

“My mom was in an assisted living facility for over five years, and we went out almost every week. She loved mariachi music or any live music. It gave me such joy to see Mom and her friends enjoy some time out of the facility. I used to take Mom and her best friend to breakfast, too. It was a real treat for them to get out and eat grits, biscuits and gravy.” –Chari7