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Hidden Money: Overlooked Funds Could Pay for Long-Term Care


SMschaff34 is right - these are not hidden benefits. I think it is time for AgingCare to have a section for getting started articles - this would be fine for someone who had no prior knowledge or needed a refresher. It doesnt' really fit for caregivers who have been there - done that - ie. most of us. Appreciate all the good work AgingCare does - just tag or put an icon on articles so we know which ones we want to read - as a caregiver grabbing 10 minutes, having the ability to sift through to new content that I am looking for would be really helpful and easy

These are not really HIDDEN assets. And reverse mortgage if the most awful thing to do.

Lucy's mom, if he does not have substantial assets he will very likely qualify for VA benefits. Go to www.va.gov.

Dad is now a private pay in the memory unit of an AL facility. Up until now it's been fine. He's started to get aggressive with other patients, so they want me to have a live in aide with him 24/7. It almost defeats the purpise to keep him there, pay room and board and also pay $20 an hour for the aide to watch him. He was a decorated veteran in WWII, I wonder if he's eligible for benefits. He does have savings. Any ideas would be aporeciated!

Contact the issuing company or the person who sold it to you. And why in the world would you buy something you don't understand? Have an honest talk with someone you trust about you are functioning cognitively. Really.


I have an annuity, but don't really understand what I signed up for. I could really use that cash to pay for nursing home care, but it is not accessible. without penalty. Can you explain it to me?