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Home is All About Heart, Especially for the Elderly


SNM808, thank you for your comment. Understanding what is behind the words makes such a difference. Hearing "I want to go home" breaks our hearts, but when we understand what is going on with the person it makes it easier for the caregiver to bear the pain. It also makes it easier to become creative in helping the person relax.
I appreciate you all.

Thank you for this insight.

Very good one. This really makes people to think to care their elder ones. I like to share a real story of an old aged women who is having Alzheimer's for more than 5 years and later om her condition starts to be very bad and her family starts making her as a burden and one of their family friend came to know this and he took her to a social living community prestigecare were she is under the care of their professional Alzheimer's care.

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Very comforting... Thank you

What you say certainly is true for my 95-year-old mother who is so determined to go to her mother's house that we had to put key-only locks on outside doors and a tracking device on her ankle. Thank you so much for this very helpful article. And I particularly like where say "arguing with someone who has dementia is rarely productive." If ever!


This is one of the most helpful and compassionate articles I have read about caring for someone with Alzheimer's or someone missing home, in general. Thank you for your insightful and helpful words. I pray for the CNA who "snacked" with the elderly gentleman as that is the type person all of us wish are caring for our elderly population. I will take these words to heart and practice them.