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Why Seniors Pass Gas and What You Can Do About It


Perhaps the reason people get full of gas is simply that God has a sense of humor! I remember reading an article describing digestive issues that pointed out that released intestinal gas "makes a funny noise and has a terrible smell" as if the readers needed to be told! On a serious side, perhaps it's more noticeable in the elderly because they are usually less active--they have to let it go right where they are instead of while walking outside or someplace where no one else is aware of it. In any case, this is a "harmless activity" that can entertain people of all ages!

Well, I'm glad to know that it is more common in the elderly. More water, less wheat bread are some small changes in my relative's diet that may have a noticeable impact. I will try it and see what happens. We will discuss with the doctor as well...but want to avoid any additions of new medications.

it depends on the amount of sugar in your body, plus as you get older your digestion doesn't work as well. as long as a person can pass the gas..........it shouldn't be a problem. we all do it. some louder than others, some more aromatic than others.

When I get to be a senior, not only am I going to pass gas as often and as loudly as I can, but I'm going to develop the loudest burping noise I can & trumpet! I figured I earned the right...

i believe id crack a window a couple of inches .

honestly my mother said her doctor from eons ago said "better out than in"....because it causes the person intestinal distress.......even though it might affect others. My mother toots every time she gets up, she laughs and we laugh. babies and young children toot and no one thinks anything about it. all someone would have to do is say "excuse me" and keep on about what you were doing.

I like all the solutions and comments. However, some of us old geezers were brougaht up to believe that it is poor manners to "let 'er rip" in public and are I am one of those old geezers embarrassed by it. (Tell us how to get rid of the embarrassment!) I am one of those old geezers who takes an excellent probiotic capsule daily along with Metamucil because of IBS, but I still have sessions with the embarrassing blowouts that slip past uncontrolled. BTW, there's really no way to cover up! When she blows, she blows LOUD and CLEAR! I am finally coming to the point where I just keep talking as though nothing happened, and the gracious folks around me don't laugh or make jokes anymore; they ignore it like I do. :)

HAHA! Our nurse says it's a GOOD thing mom passes gas, it means her bowels are still working! Besides the problems with digestion that plague old age I think part of the problem is not so much that they pass gas, but that they physically or mentally don't have the capacity to "hold it" for a more appropriate moment. You and I may sit there cross-eyed waiting for company to exit or excuse ourselves to go to another room, mom & pop, not so much!

Can surgical removal of the sigmoid (approx 20 cm ) cause serious flatulence and lsomewhat less seriuos constipation


Olivia yes swallowing air can cause gas, definitely, that's why they tell gassy people not to chew gum. but I have heard fennel seeds do help control gas, find out first with a dr if it's okay ( that they won't interfere with any meds).