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5 Caregiver Relaxation Tips from Nurses in the Know


I like this article I think taking care of yourself physically can help and then looking for ways to take a break sometimes I just lay in bed even if I can't sleep that's my my place where at leAst My body can rest

This is a good article to help get back on track. It is not always easy to remember take care of ourselves or else it does not help us or our loved ones.

It's pathetic that one has to scrounge to come up with "ideas" to stay sane as a caregiver. I am putting my father in a nursing home next month because I've had it.

I was a nurse once and never went into it because I cared about people or had some sort if calling. I did it for the pay and job availability. Sort of like saying that people get law degrees to help the downtrodden.
Now I am solely responsible for my 90 year old post stroke father. My selfish siblings think that I am the natural at it since I was once a nurse and nothing can be farther than the truth.
This nonsense about breathing and reflecting us utter bull.

I very much enjoyed reading your advice.

To it I would add a sixth recommendation: reflect on your own personal control issues. It is possible to lay too much responsibility for a loved one's well-being at our own feet. We can try to broaden the outlook and experience of those we care for, but if our offerings are continually rebuffed then we need to accept those limits of what we can do for them. And we need to forgive ourselves for not being able to influence their choices and self-destructive behaviors.

"Shoulda, woulda, coulda" are huge stressors we need to give ourselves permission to avoid.


I have experience that alot and Had seizure and not taking care of me. So Now I am.