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Medical Tests Every Female Caregiver Should Have


As a caregiver I have more concern for my husband than I do for myself. I would like information on how to tell the different stages of alzheimers.

I am more than two years behind on my major health specialized testing, it is just because I was dealing with two very elderly parents who were in their 90's and it got to a point that I might scream if I had to sit in one more doctor's waiting room and have to fill out yet another information form. So many times I had made appointments for myself only to cancel them because of an urgent happening with my parents.... [sigh]. You just kinda give up.

This is a good listing for people who have healthcare coverage. So many caregivers had to resign from jobs to care for aging parents, myself included, and there are no funds to pay for doctor visits, medications, etc.

Good topic, but too narrow since it focused on women as the caregivers. There are tests men should have as well, like the PSA test to watch for prostate cancer. I narrowly missed my aggressive form of prostate cancer spreading due to the test showing my score had almost doubled in two years. My doctor said that was not a good sign and I should see a urologist, who recommended a biopsy that found the aggressive types of cancer cells that were so dangerous. When they removed the prostate and did the pathology of the gland, they found 1 strand of cancer just getting ready to spread. Without that test, I would be dead now and unable to help my friends who have dementia. I am their power of attorney for their health care, finances and am executor of their will. They are dear to me and helping with their care, while a burden, is also something that is important for me to do.


This is a great article and its son important that a caregiver looks after themselves , as the safety instructions on an airplane says " please ensure your own oxygen mask is on before you help other passengers"..... That's why the health and wellbeing of any carer is critical to the health and well being of the person being catered for, and the family and friends can help by spreading the load of caregiving.