Combatting the Epidemic of Loneliness in Seniors

Anne-Marie Botek Updated


I wholeheartedly agree with below:
"Isolated elders also had a 59 percent greater risk of mental and physical decline than their more social counterparts."
"study, found that solitary seniors have a tendency to further isolate themselves by pushing people away and not making efforts to engage with others."

I experienced this with my mother. She has totally isolated herself and pushed her "friends" and acquantenances away such that they no longer call her or include her in activities. This has led to isolation without any outside engagement -- I fully believe her dementia has escalated over the last several months because of this -- I dub it "social induced dementia". It is a very sad situation. This becomes a vicious cycle; loneliness escalates dementia; dementia causes person to forget or no longer enjoy eating; nutrition declines; weight loss leads to lethargy; leads to further mental and physical decline. Very sad. WIth increased babyboomers heading into "senior years" -- we have to make sure "we/they" can live out the best life possible; have access to quality affordable flexible care; and take action to not burden our children with day to day care responsibilities.