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11 Handy Smart Phone Apps for Caregivers


With the Medication Call Reminder for the caregiver app the caregiver can setup automatic medication phone call reminders and get notifications if they are not answered. Also supports recording personalized messages.

I don't own a iPhone or a SmartPhone, I just can't justify the cost. Plus if there was an emergency, I would be calling 911 from a landline so the EMT dispatcher would know immediately where the call was coming from and the ambulance would be out of the bay before I even finished my sentence. I'd prefer the emergency personnel to walk me through what I needed to do, not my handheld device.

Just my 2 cents.

I only have a Kindle. No Iphone. I checked Amazon and couldn't find the Stress Pro. I've downloaded on my kindle:

Mind Games - have a variety of memory games, etc... I sucked majorly on the facial memory one. It has real people's faces, shows you them, and then you try to find those faces by memory. Has some games similar to the hand game Simon, etc....

Daily Workouts - but I need to be motivated to get up and exercise.

I've been meaning to find an App for a quick medical history update. I keep mine in my Kindle (since I always have it for reading books) under the Notes app. Became useful today when I went to a new doctor. She wanted dates of this and that when I was recounting my medical history. I pulled out my kindle and was able to give exact dates of this and that surgery, CatScan and MRI. The only thing I forgot to include was the names of my RX.

There is a remarkable app for iPhone/iPad, called It's Done!, that’s helping people with short term memory loss remember whether they completed everyday routine tasks:
• Did I lock the door? Turn off the stove? Take my medication?
• Generates confirmation text or email to loved ones/caregivers when task is done.
• Endorsed by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP).
• Ideal for iPhone/iPad users who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, or brain injury and their caregivers.


Do you have a smart phone or i-phone? If you do, go to the i-tunes or App store type in those names in search.

There are tons of Apps for anything and everything! Have fun!

I would like to obtain four of these apps, Elderly 911& 411, IPharmacy Pro IBiomed & IMDMobile. If anyone can inform me how to obtain them it would be great.

The one I most wanted-ibiomed is only available on the Iphone which I don't have.

There is an App for everything! Let us know your favorite caregiver Apps...


As a cash strapped caregiver, I don't own a mobile phone, (however much I might want to have one - especially for emergencies!).